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3,14 is hosting the “Decentering: Global Electronic Literature” exhibition for the ELO 2015 End(s) of Electronic Literature Festival. This exhibition features digital literature and artworks from countries outside of the American and European mainstream, and provides an opportunity for considering how the way network and computer technologies have been adapted in diverse cultural frameworks affects the type of digital literature and digital art being produced there. Historical and contemporary work will be exhibited by authors and artists from Brazil, Canada, Peru, Poland, Portugal and Russia, including special collections of Polish, Portuguese, and Russian works curated by Natalia Fedorova (RU), Piotr Marecki (PL), Álvaro Seiça (PT) and Rui Torres (PT).

The show includes:

“High Muck a Muck: Playing Chinese" Nicola Harwood, Fred Wah, Jin Zhang, Bessie Wapp, Simon Lysander Overstall, Tomoyo Ihaya, Phillip Djwa, Thomas Loh, Hiromoto Ida and Patrice Leung (Canada)

“Small Poetic Interfaces: The End of Click” José Aburto (Peru)

Collection of Russian Electronic Literature
(Curated by Natalia Fedorova)

“Kinetic Poems”
Anna Tolkacheva (Russia)

“Falling Angels”
Alexroma (Russia)

Ivan Khimin (Russia)

Elena Demidova and Maxim Kalmykov (Russia)

“Second Life"
Michael Kurtov Kuryukhin (Russia)

P2P: A Comparative Exhibit of Experiemental Polish and Portuguese Literature in Print and the Digital Era
(Curated by Piotr Marecki, Álvaro Seiça, and Rui Torres)

"Roda Lume” and “Signagens"
E. M. de Melo e Castro (Portugal)

Pedro Barbosa (Portugal)

"Computer Poetry”
Silvestre Pestana (Portugal)

"Google Earth: A Poem for Voice and Internet”
Manuel Portela (Portugal)

"Amor de Clarice”
Rui Torres (Portugal)

André Sier (Portugal)

Machines of Disquiet
Luís Lucas Pereira (Portugal)

"Labyrinth (or a hypertext with an incessantly changing title)”
Jakub Jagiełło and Laura Lech (Poland)

"Księga Słów Wszystkich”
Józef Żuk Piwkowski (Poland)

"Przemówienia / Speeches”
Marek Pampuch (Poland)

Michał Rudolf (Poland)

"Kaz 5 Demo"

"Złe słowa"
Piotr Puldzian Płucienniczak (Poland)

"Cierniste diody"
Leszek Onak (Poland)

“The Archetypture of Magical Reality"
Andrzej Głowacki (Poland).

Decentering: Global Electronic Litterature Collaboration
Electronic Litterature Organization Conference & Bergen University (UiB)
05.08. - 23.08.2015

Thursday August 6th:
> 15:30 - 16:15
Artists, authors, and curators presenting in the show will give a short presentation of the works.

> 17:30

"22 Women"
03.09. - 01.11.2015

Twenty-two minuscule portraits of women are illuminated by a multitude of light projectors. The women are all brave activists who, despite being active in the world today, remain generally unknown to the wider public. Who are they, and why does Alfredo Jaar, at the same time as spotlighting them, acknowledge their invisibility?

Photo by Scott Rettberg of Natalia Fedorova (Russia) performing “Machine Libertine.”